Positive words to say at an interview or job application. I work very hard. Employment Portal.  Walking person Quality Mark

You may wish to use some of these when applying for employment, not all will be suitable to every type of employment.  Choose with care and make sure that they are a true description of you and that you are able to prove them. Check the spelling some may be American others English. 

Be careful about how some people may interpret some words.  Saying you are easy going could imply you allow anyone to do anything, including commit a crime against your future employer.  So it may be best to elaborate what you mean.

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I am able to demonstrate the following qualities and skills:-

"I work very hard"
I possess excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Drive performance and lead continuous improvement initiatives.
An analytical approach to problem solving.
High level of computer and keyboard skills.
Improve efficiency, standards and profits.
Knowledge of safety standards.
Knowledge of environmental standards.
High hygiene and safety standards.
I wish to  join a growing company that supports the development of its people.
I and seeking new challenges and experience.

Career Action Words:-

abstract thinker, academic, accommodating, adaptable, adventurer, aesthetic, affectionate, doer, can do, alert, ambitious, analytical, social, appreciative, aristocratic, articulate, artistic, assertive, athletic, big hearted, brotherly, buoyant, by-the-book, thinker, cautious, charismatic, charitable, cheerful, clean cut, clever, collegiate, commanding voice, commanding presence, compassionate, competitive, composed, compulsive, concerned, conciliator, concise, conformist, considerate, consistent, conspiratorial, constructive, cool, cosmopolitan, courageous, courteous, craftsperson, creative, crusader, cultured, curious, cynical, decisive, defiant, democratic, dependable, determined, diligent, diplomatic, discerning, discrete, dominating, dynamic, earthy, empathetic, emphatic, empirical thinker, encyclopaedic, memory, energetic, enthusiastic, ethical, extravagant, extroverted, fair minded, fast learner, fatherly, fearless, flexible, friendly, frugal, gallant, generous, generalist, genteel, Gestates, Gestaltilst, goal oriented, good listener, good sense of humour, good at detail, good judge of character, good natured, graceful, gregarious, hard headed, helpful, high standards, tolerance, humanitarian, humble, imaginative, impertinent, impudent, inconsistent, individualistic, influence, innovative, intelligent, intellectual, intense, inventive, judicious, keen, knowledgeable, level headed, lateral thinker, loving, loyal to family, loyal to friends, loyal to employers, macho, masculine, mature, mentally healthy, mild mannered, militaristic, modernistic, modest person, oriented, moral, motherly, motivated, nationalistic, natural leader, non smoker, obedient, objective, open minded, opportunist, optimistic, organizer, overly serious, passionate, passive, patriotic, patrician, people oriented, perceptive, perfectionist, persevering, persistent, personable, persuasive, photographic memory, practical, pragmatic, precise, prestige, oriented, procrastinator, provincial, prudish, quick-witted, radical, rationalize, realist, reasonable, reflective, reformer, relativistic, reliable, religious, resilient, resourceful, robust, role player, romantic, ruthless, sagacious, saintly, secretive, self-confident, self-educated, self-motivated, self-reliant, self-starter, sense of mission, sensible, serene, sexy, long attention span, shrewd, sincere, sisterly, sceptics, socially, militant, soft spoken, sophisticated, speculative, stable thinker, stern, straight-forward, straight-laced, strong, initiative, strong achievement, drive, strong need for job, satisfaction, stubborn, studious, suave, subservient, super intelligent, sympathetic, tactful, team player, practical, thick skinned, tireless, tolerant, traditionalist, trustworthy, unflappable, uninhibited, verbally, adept, visionary, well-groomed, well-prepared, workaholic, worldly, youthful, mature, achieved, acquired, adapted, addressed, administered, analysed, anticipated, assembled, assisted, audited, budgeted, calculated, centralized, changed, collaborated, composed, condensed, conducted, constructed, contracted, converted, coordinated, created, cultivated, demonstrated, designed, developed, devised, discovered, doubled, drafted, edited, eliminated, enforced, established, evaluated, expanded, explained, forecasted, formed, founded, generated, guided, hired, implemented, improved, informed, insured, interpreted, interviewed, launched, maintained, managed, marketed, minimized, motivated, negotiated, obtained, operated, organized, originated, oversaw, performed, planned, prevented, produced, production, promoted, provided, publicized, published, recruited, reorganized, reported, researched, resolved, reviewed, selected, separated, set up, simplified, solved, surveyed, staffed, supervised, taught, tested, trained, utilized, advocated, appraised, assigned, adapted, allocated, arbitrated, assisted, addressed, arranged, attended, administered, applied, assembled, audited, advised, appointed, assessed, balanced, budgeted, built, calculated, collated, composed, contributed, changed, collected, computed, controlled, clarified, communicated, conceptualised, coordinated, classified, compared, conducted, corrected, coded, compiled, consolidated, counselled, collaborated, completed, consulted, created, debated, designated, developed, dispersed, decreased, designed, diagnosed, displayed, defined, detailed, directed, distributed, delegated, determined, discovered, drafted, demonstrated, edited, engaged, examined, expanded, educated, ensured, exceeded, expedited, effected, equipped, executed, experimented, enabled, established, exercised, explained, encouraged, estimated, exhibited, expressed, enforced, evaluated, facilitated, fixed, formulated, funded, filed, focused, founded, gathered, generated, guided, helped, hired, identified, increased, installed, interviewed, illustrated, influenced, instituted, introduced, implemented, informed, instructed, invented, improved, initiated, integrated, investigated, improvised, inspected, interpreted, investigated, incorporated, inspired, justified, learned, led, lobbied, located, lectured, maintained, marketed, moderated, monitored, managed, mediated, modified, motivated, mapped, mobilized, negotiated, nominated, observed, operated, organized, originated, obtained, ordered, packaged, planned, produced, proposed, participated, prepared, programmed, provided, perceived, presented, projected, publicized, performed, priorities, promoted, published, persuaded, processed, proofread, purchased, photographed, procured, qualified, raised, recruited, reorganization, researching, reasoned, redesigned, repaired, restored, received, reduced, replaced, restructured, recognized, re-evaluated, reported, reviewed, recommended, referred, represented, revitalized, recorded, refined, reproduced, rewrote, reconciled, renegotiated, scheduled, shaped, started, summarized, screened, simplified, stocked, supervised, selected, sold, structured, supported, separated, solicited, studied, surpassed, served, solved, submitted, surveyed, serviced, staffed, succeeded, synthesized, set, staged, suggested, systematized, tabulated, terminated, trained, transported, tailored, testified, translated, travelled, taught, updated, validated, wrote, utilized, verified, visualized, accomplishment, delegate, innovate, publish, achieve, demonstrate, inspect, qualify, adapt, recommend, resolve, administer, instruct, advertise, develop, integrate, interpret, recruit, aid, direct, interview, rectify, analyze, distribute, introduce ,redesign, invent, enterprising, reduce, regulate, approve, employ, lead, encourage, maintain, process, assemble enlarge manage report, assess enlist manipulate represent, assign establish marketing, public relations, assist, mediate, research, attain, moderate, resolve, budget,, team builder, monitor, revise, calculate, motivate, catalogue, exhibit, negotiate, schedule, manage, in charge, team work, my own initiative, unsupervised, chair, expand, clarify, expedite, operate, select, collaborate, facilitate, order, communicate, organize, compare forecast, compile, formulate, technical reports writing, report writing, solve, presentation, public speaking, govern, guidance, persuade, stimulate, close sales, increase profits, contract, hire present summarize, control, identify, supervise, cooperate, implement process support, coordinate, improve, produce, survey, correct, increase, promote, systematize, creative, influence, teach, inform , publicize, produce, time management, logistics, supplier, sales experience, diplomatic, responsibility.

You can say to all your friends and your employers that "I work very hard"

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